Shawn, Juno and Julie

About Us

Valley Village was founded by a small group of parents in 1971. Today we serve almost 400 women and men with developmental challenges through semi-independent condos, 13 family-style homes, 3 homes that offer nursing care, an adult development center, and 2 adult day health care centers. All of our programs are located in the San Fernando Valley and operated by a staff of over 300 people that love what they do.

In 2022, Valley Village worked with a team to produce this mini-documentary to share the story of its founding and its history of caring for people with developmental and intellectual challenges. We invite you to watch this 8-minute-long documentary. 

Here is an interview with two of Valley Village’s founding parents, Dolores Zimmermann and June Stanton from December 2013. June and Dolores talk about their experiences as parents of children with special needs and creating Valley Village from the ground up at a time when the only options for their children were institutions.