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Volunteering at Valley Village

Volunteers aren’t just extra hands, they are new friends.

We have many great volunteer opportunities at Valley Village. You can help people with developmental disabilities by volunteering as field trip assistants, to work on a project, for an event, or in the office with administrative items.

Super Saturday Host | Field Trip Assistants | Adopt-a-House Program | Events

Current Opportunities

Check out our most recent listings on VolunteerMatch.org. We post our current volunteer needs there. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email or phone, (818) 587-9450 x120, if you’d like to volunteer! To get a head start, you can download our volunteer application here.

Super Saturday Host

Make Saturday’s great! A Super Saturday is a once per month opportunity that can take place at a recreation center, church, museum, park, restaurant, movie theater, or other creative venue! This is your opportunity to design the event! Super Saturday hosts work together with our Recreational Therapist and Development Department to put on an event for our Saturday Recreational Program. You supply the fun and we will supply the people.

The Saturday Recreational Program is community-based and capitalizes on all the available opportunities for fun and leisure in the large metropolitan area of Los Angeles. These activities enable our clients to enjoy a vast spectrum of recreational and social experiences. Successful Super Saturday’s have included multiple Super Saturday Parties by Hike It Up, Super Saturday with the University of Washington Alumni, Ice Cream Social by the Emblem Club at the Canoga Park Elk’s Lodge, St Patrick’s Day Dance by Hike It Up and the Knights of Columbus of Canoga Park.

Field Trip Assistants

This is a special opportunity to work directly with the men and women we serve through our day and residential programs. Field Trip Assistants will help push a wheelchair or just be a friend to talk to. The trips take place on Saturdays between 9am-3pm (trip hours will vary depending on the weather and location). Valley Village is looking for volunteers who can donate a few hours on Saturdays to join our clients on field trips to events, the beach, museums, malls, parks, and more. You do not need to go every Saturday, however some consistency is needed. These direct-service volunteer opportunities do require certain background and health checks, which we pay for. You’re getting fingerprinted for a great cause!

Adopt a House

We have an adopt-a-house program at Valley Village!

Several of our homes have been adopted by clubs or a family and the clients truly look forward to visits and hanging out with their adopted groups! What does it take? It’s really simple and we are thrilled that you are interested in becoming an adopter. We will help match your organization with the right home. Our homes range from 5-12 adults with developmental challenges and can be all men or all women, and in some cases combined.

In general, the adopters go to the home and celebrate birthdays and holidays with the clients. Sometimes, birthdays are done as a monthly celebration, combining a couple folks in a single party. Other groups focus on holidays, too. Adopters often bring a cake or simple cookies to celebrate with. Some bring gifts for the person celebrating (or the holiday), but that’s not necessary. Some adopters invite the residents of the homes to events like a picnic, or a pizza night at a restaurant, for example. One of our adopters takes their home on an annual whale-watching trip. Another takes their home on a three-mile wheelchair accessible hike to the ocean.

There are many options to make your adopt-a-house partnership fun and successful! The key is to remain consistent and maintain the commitment!

Events, Groups, Office Work

Valley Village has volunteer opportunities that are great for groups, and all ages. Several times per year, we host large events where we need lots of extra support. And, around the office, the hours are flexible. There’s a volunteer match for everybody!