Community at Large


Community at Large

Community at Large is our biannual event for people with developmental disabilities. Held in spring and fall, this event hosts kids and adults with intellectual and developmental challenges of all kinds. It’s a free day of fun for everyone!

Community at Large trips involve coordinating with attractions and sites to provide a developmentally disabled day at a local attraction or event. These events bring together other non-profits in the area serving developmentally disabled individuals for community events and are held 2-4 times per year. Community at Large is open to all developmentally disabled persons in the area and provides opportunities to meet with other people who face similar challenges, as well as allow family members and caregivers a chance to interact with each other.

Valley Village coordinates the events and invites volunteers to assist during the day. This program allows for greater coordination between those organizations serving the developmentally disabled population as they have ongoing opportunities to meet and converse with other groups at these quarterly events. There is currently no such program in the greater Los Angeles area. Valley Village negotiates special rates for all attendees, volunteers, including those from the community and other organizations. Valley Village provides tickets/admission for its clients and volunteers if there is a fee. Snacks and beverages are provided. Clients are responsible for packing lunch.

Large venues like the Getty Center, Getty Villa, the Science Center, Griffith Observatory, African American Museum, and others have all sponsored the event for free. The event attracts hundreds of people with disabilities and about half as many volunteers who come to help and be friends. It’s a day of camaraderie, relaxation, and community spirit.

Community at Large is currently on hold due to pandemic-related health directives that impact what activities our clients can engage in and where they can go.

To be a part of this great event, contact Stephanie Almanza, Valley Village’s Development and Volunteer Coordinator.

Our special thanks to our sponsors and partners.