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The Valley Village Foundation

In 2002, the Valley Village Foundation was formed to ensure the future financial viability of Valley Village. The focus of the Foundation is the endowment to provide lifelong care for our clients. The endowment is funded through earnings from donations, planned gifts, and investments.

Here are some ways you can contribute to the Valley Village Foundation and support Valley Village’s long-term sustainability:
Appreciated securities
IRA charitable rollover gifts
Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)
Appreciated property

Gifts you can give later: 
Gift of retirement plan assets
Endowment Gift

Gifts that pay income:
Charitable gift annuity

If you would like to support the efforts of the Foundation, please note “endowment” in your donation. Any donation to the endowment is tax-deductible. For your records, the Tax ID for the Foundation is:

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Foundation Board Members

Mark L. Levinson, President
Mark is a San Fernando Valley civic leader and Fernando Award winner. He is an Attorney at Law who specializes in family law matters and has been practicing law for over 40 years.

Milton Stimson, Vice President
Milton is a retired supervisor inspector. He and his wife, Elisabeth, have been involved as volunteers in special needs schools and other organizations that serve developmentally disabled adults.

Joseph Perdenza, Treasurer
Joe is the Director of Finance and Business Manager at The GARVI Group, a diversified commercial real estate company operating in Southern California.  Joe has been involved with Valley Village for several years as a volunteer and a member of the Foundation Board.

Elisabeth Stimson, Secretary
Elisabeth is a retired human resources director. She and her husband, Milton, are parents of a Valley Village Residential client.

Danone Simpson
Danone is the CEO and President of Montage Insurance Solutions. Danone’s area of expertise and success is in her ability to focus on individual clients, whether they are large or small groups.

Dolores Zimmermann
Dolores is retired from her position in HR at Litton Guidance and Control. Dolores is a founding parent of Valley Village, and a parent of one of Valley Village’s Residential Program clients. Dolores is a founding member of the Foundation.


Dick Bartus
Dick is the Board’s Planned Giving specialist. He is also a parent of a Valley Village Residential Program client, a founding parent, and a founder of the Foundation.

Guenther Engel, 1998-2005
Guenther was a parent of a Valley Village Residential Program client. Guenther was a founding member of the Foundation and remained involved with Valley Village since the early years. Guenther retired from his career in structural engineering.

Robert Hay
Robert Hay is a partner in his company, Perry, Hay, Chu, and Associates. He provided 23 years of service to Valley Village and the Valley Village Foundation. Bob served as Treasurer of the Foundation for 19 years.

Judi Prejean
Judi is the Executive Director of West Coast Banking Operations for Signature Bank. Judi also serves on the Valley Village Board of Directors. Judi has served on the Foundation from 1999 to 2020.

Ron Smith
Ron is retired from SGB-NIA Insurance Brokers. Ron has served Valley Village as a volunteer for over 20 years and is a past President of the Board of Directors.

June Stanton, 1924-2020
June became involved with Valley Village in 1972 as the organization’s treasurer. June is one of the founding parents and worked for Valley Village as the full-time bookkeeper and general office person between 1977 – 1996. June is also a founding member of the Foundation.

Dwight Wheeler
Dwight is a retired Vice President at Litton Guidance and Control Systems in Woodland Hills. Dwight’s wife, Barbara, became involved in Valley Village in the early 1970s. Both Dwight and his wife, Barbara, have been heavily involved in Valley Village. Dwight is a founding member of the Foundation.

Dennis P. Zine
Former Councilman Zine served the western San Fernando Valley for 12 years. He has been involved with Valley Village since 2002 and is an Honorary Member of the Foundation Board of Directors.