Residential Programs

Valley Village

Residential Program

The residential program at Valley Village provides 24-hour residential care for developmentally disabled adults in the San Fernando Valley. The residences are family-style housing where clients live as a family with care providers and are integrated into the community. The Valley Village Residential Program functions continuously throughout the year.

Valley Village residents participate in numerous community activities every week. Day programs and work opportunities further enrich their socialization and developmental skills. In addition, our clients participate in group activities on weekends. Transportation is included for all clients, so they can enjoy being members of the community.

Valley Village Residential Program has four styles of homes:

  1. A continuous care home that is staffed 24 hours per day with a licensed nurse;
  2. A nursing home for less critical, medically fragile clients that is staffed by a licensed nurse 12 hours per day;
  3. Semi-independent living condominiums that are staffed by a care provider that ensures the residents eat well, pay bills, and other day to day help; and
  4. Multiple homes where clients live together with care providers, rather than a housing facility.