Residential Programs

Valley Village

Residential Program

The residential program at Valley Village provides 24-hour residential care for developmentally disabled adults in the San Fernando Valley. The residences are family-style housing where clients live as a family with care providers and are integrated into the community. The Valley Village Residential Program functions continuously throughout the year.

Valley Village residents participate in numerous community activities every week. Day programs and work opportunities further enrich their socialization and developmental skills. In addition, our clients participate in group activities on weekends. Transportation is included for all clients, so they can enjoy being members of the community.

Valley Village Residential Program has four styles of homes:

  1. A continuous nursing care home that is staffed 24 hours per day with a licensed nurse;
  2. A nursing home for less critical, medically fragile clients that is staffed by a licensed nurse 12 hours per day;
  3. Semi-independent living condominiums that are staffed by a care provider that ensures the residents eat well, pay bills, and other day-to-day help; and
  4. Multiple habilitative family-style homes with live-in care providers or house managers.

Valley Village Vacancies: Currently, Valley Village has vacancies in our male and female ICF/DD-H, ICF/DD-N, ICF/DD-CN, and Semi-Independent Living Program.  If you are interested in more information about our residential vacancies, contact Susie Effatian, Residential Program Director at (818) 587-9450.

Intermediate Care Facility/Developmental Disabilities – Habilitative (ICF/DD-H) Homes
Valley Village has 13 homes that are licensed by the Department of Health under this category. The people that are served in these homes usually have an intermittent need for nursing care as well as assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Intermediate Care Facility/Developmental Disabilities – Nursing (ICF/DD-N) House
This home serves 12 individuals with intellectual disabilities who have more needs for nursing care, for monitoring of medications or conditions such as epilepsy. It is also licensed by the Department of Health but as a non-ambulatory home. This home was opened to serve clients that no longer could safely stay in other types of settings due to their medical conditions.

Intermediate Care Facility/Developmental Disabilities – Continous Nursing (ICF/DD-CN)
This home serves individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who have the need for continuous 24-hour nursing care. This home was opened to try to prevent our clients from having to go into an institutional setting as they age and require more frequent medical intervention.

Semi-Independent Living Program
This program provides clients the opportunity to experience more independence and a chance to use the skills they have developed in an apartment living situation.   This program has a capacity of eight clients living in three condominiums. In this setting, clients are responsible for paying their rent and utility bills as well as budgeting and shopping for their own food.

This housing is offered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, family status, national origin, marital status, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, disability, source of income, genetic information, arbitrary characteristics, or any other basis prohibited by law.