Advanced Planning

Valley Village Legacy Group

Legacy Group & Legacy Group Members

Legacy Group members are contributors who have listed Valley Village or the Valley Village Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plan or will. Members of the Legacy Group help to ensure Valley Village’s long-term sustainability. Membership includes invitations to special Legacy Group member-only events and quarterly newsletters (view a sample here) with exclusive content for our Legacy Group family as a thank you for your support.

Advanced Planning Committee

To help ensure the future of our clients, Valley Village encourages their families and others who care about people with developmental disabilities to plan the distribution of their estate. Most people should plan, but for parents or guardians of persons with developmental disabilities, planning is an absolute must!

Our Valley Village Foundation Board of Directors would be happy to field any questions you might have about the planned giving process, special needs trusts, or the Legacy Group. As a courtesy to those setting up special needs trusts, the Foundation can also provide you with other resources, including finding attorneys that can help with this process. The Foundation does not act as legal counsel. Please call our Development Office at (818) 587-9450, x161 for further information.

If you would like to join the Legacy Group, or if you are considering planning your estate and would like to speak to someone about the Legacy Group, please contact our Development Office at (818) 587-9450, x161.

Our Legacy Group Family:

  • Ms. Christina Anthony
  • Ms. Mary Banner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bartus
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Beilinson
  • Ms. Sandy Benson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Cooper
  • Mr. Richard Cooper
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dick Crouch
  • Ms. Ruth Deel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Dixon
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Donovan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dun
  • Mr. and Mrs. Guenther Engel
  • Mr. Derrick Fisher and Mrs. Robyn Shobu Fisher
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goichman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haege
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Harney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russ Hawthorne
  • Mr. Pat Joyce & Ms. Leela Kapur
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kort
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Lazaroff
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Letsch
  • Ms. Glenna Lotspeich
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Miraglia
  • Mr. George Morrera & Ms. Lauren Huber
  • Mr. Robert Murashige & Ms. Marsha Richards
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perdenza
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pondella
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Prejean
  • Ms. Mary Sandorf
  • Mr. Carson Schreiber
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sharples
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Smith
  • Ms. Maria Stanley
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Stanton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stimson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Trusty
  • Mr. Marc Weisel & Ms. Sharon Sackin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Wheeler
  • Ms. Aida Wittman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ed Zimmermann

Thank you for being a Legacy Group member.

Are you a Legacy Group member, too? If you’re not listed here and have included Valley Village or the Valley Village Foundation in your advanced plans, please let us know.