Celebrating Gratitude and Generosity: The Heartwarming Stories of Our Devoted Donors

In the heart of Valley Village, as Thanksgiving heralds a season of gratitude and reflection, we are reminded of the incredible journeys of our donors whose unwavering support has shaped the lives of many. Among them, Al, Tina, and Bridget are beacons of generosity, each with a unique story that intertwines deeply with our mission.

Al and Tina

Photo Credit: Al Reano

Al’s connection with Valley Village began through his previous professional role at Wells Fargo, where he served as a Relationship Manager. His initial visits, part of his job responsibilities, soon transformed into a personal passion. Struck by the infectious joy and warmth of our clients and the dedication of our staff, Al, alongside his wife Tina, found themselves drawn into the heart of Valley Village’s community. Their commitment blossomed into a lifelong pledge to support our cause, driven by the belief in Valley Village’s positive impact on its participants and residents.

Bridget at LA5K

Photo Credit: Bridget Goodman

Meanwhile, Bridget’s journey with Valley Village has roots that trace back to family ties. Her cousin, Eddie Freeman, a cherished client of Valley Village, introduced her to the world of compassion and care that defines our organization. Eddie’s parents and Bridget’s aunt and uncle – Joan and Joseph Freeman – were part of Valley Village’s early history shortly after its founding. Despite living overseas, Bridget’s commitment never wavered. She continued to contribute as a monthly donor, engaging in creative ways like participating in online auctions and fundraising events, including the LA Big 5K. Her consistent support, even from afar, speaks volumes about her dedication to our mission.

Al and Tina’s involvement with Valley Village has evolved from support through his work to active participation in shaping the future of our initiatives. As a Foundation Board Member, Al works to maximize our resources, support Valley Village’s sustainability, and spread awareness about our impactful programs. The joy and satisfaction they derive from their involvement are evident in every smile and warm interaction they share with our clients. The gala events, a highlight for Al and Tina, exemplify the community spirit and shared dedication among those who support Valley Village.


Photo Credit: Bridget Goodman

Conversely, Bridget finds meaning in the more personal, quieter moments at Valley Village. Her socially distanced visit during the pandemic’s peak, where she saw firsthand the resilience and spirit of our clients and staff, reinforced her commitment to our cause. Her story is a testament to Valley Village’s lasting impact on families and how deep connections can fuel continued support over decades.

As we look to the future, Al, Tina, and Bridget share a collective vision of expanding Valley Village’s reach and deepening its impact on the community. They envision a world where more individuals join this noble cause, helping to touch even more lives in meaningful ways. Their gratitude towards fellow donors and the broader community is profound, emphasizing that every act of kindness, big or small, significantly contributes to our mission.

This Thanksgiving, we celebrate the generosity of Al, Tina, Bridget, and all our donors at Valley Village. Their stories are not just narratives of giving but are testaments to the power of community, kindness, and a shared commitment to making a difference. Their support not only helps our clients live their best lives but inspires others to join hands in our noble endeavor.

To Al, Tina, Bridget, and all our wonderful donors: Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission. Your generosity lights up lives and continues to inspire us all. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your kindness continue to make a world of difference!