Meet Derek Moran – Program Director, Valley Village ADHC

Derek Moran, Program Director, Valley Village ADHC

Derek Moran, Program Director at the Valley Village Adult Day Health Center (ADHC) in Winnetka, has been with Valley Village for almost 2 years.  His desire to help others and make the world a better place has been with him his whole life. He has spent his life volunteering with diverse populations. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Dubuque in Iowa, Derek returned to LA and transitioned from volunteering to working for organizations that care for people.

“I grew up in LA, and I always wanted to help people. I’ve worked with seniors, children, and adults. I transitioned to working with people with developmental disabilities because I can help them and advocate for them. Advocacy is important for us to engage in, especially for people who aren’t able to advocate for themselves.” In his daily work, Derek not only provides care, but he also helps connect people to resources they need that can help them live more independently.

Derek began his career at Valley Village as an assistant social worker. He became a social worker at both the Winnetka ADHC and the Sunland Day Program. In late 2019, Derek became the Program Director at the Winnetka ADHC. In all his roles at Valley Village, Derek likes that he’s been able to provide program participants a sense of companionship and partnership, demonstrating that someone is with them and care about them.

“Valley Village has a culture of caring and advocating for its program participants, and it’s why I come to work each day,” explains Derek. “That culture is important to me personally. Valley Village created a culture that is consistent with and in sync with my own values.”