Tiffany’s Story – Small Change Leads to Big Impact Over Time

Tiffany began working for Valley Village’s Adult Day Health Center in 2006. Over her 13 years at Valley Village as an assistant social worker, Tiffany enjoys each new day with its unique opportunities and challenges for the people we serve. As a social worker in a skilled nursing program, she makes positive impact through assessing and de-escalating situations, teaching coping skills and anger management strategies – all tailored to the needs of each individuals’ abilities and challenges.

Tiffany gets to bond with clients in a unique way that they all enjoy.  She leads a weekly coffee group, which consists of conversations with clients – three to six at a time. “They look forward to the group sessions, and so do I. They talk with me about things going on their lives, concerns, things they like and current events. It gives each person who participates a chance for interaction and self-expression.”

Tiffany most enjoys developing relationships with clients and helping them increase their independence over time. “Small changes happen and they add up to substantial change for clients as time and their work progresses,” explains Tiffany.

Recently, Tiffany was able to help a client participate in the Village Run/Walk, where she used her device to share a prepared speech to participants at the event. Tiffany helped her prepare a speech, coordinate her transportation and with the Valley Village team attend and speak at the event.

Tiffany says, “Anyone with an interest in this field needs to have patience and compassion for others. They are key qualities for anyone in the field or considering it.” Tiffany demonstrates both, and it shows in her relationships with clients.