Valley Village Clients Enjoy Saturday Car Show

Last month, we treated Valley Village residents and program participants to a weekend car show. George Urizar, a friend of Valley Village from New York Life, wanted to do something special for our clients, and with the help of his car group, we put on a fun Saturday morning outing! Clients had the opportunity to get out into the community and see a vast collection of vintage, luxury, and exotic cars, listen to the roar of the engines, socialize in the sunshine, and enjoy some delicious tacos and horchata from Humberto’s Catering.

George was kind enough to answer some of our burning questions on everything from his favorite car to why his group has chosen to get involved with Valley Village.


How did your car group start?
We all met at a gas station and over time, built a great friendship. At the moment, we don’t have a name for our group, but it is currently in the works.


How often do you get together?
We meet bi-weekly on Sundays.


How many years have you been putting on events for Valley Village?
We have had the pleasure of working with Valley Village for 2 years now.

Group photo from the car show with Valley Village staff and car group participants!


What drew you and your members to Valley Village?
Most of the members at Valley Village love cars as much as we do, and when we heard that, due to Covid restrictions, residents weren’t allowed to go to car meets and or car museums, we thought it would be a good idea to bring the cars to them. Our group did not hesitate and was extremely excited to get together like we always do, but this time for an even better cause.


How did you learn about us and get involved with us?
My partner, Trevor Harris Marine Veteran, donated his time and resources to similar organizations in the past. He mentioned the name Valley Village, and I began to do research on the organization. I made a call and spoke with Matthew Swearman to discuss possible corporate sponsorship. Through our conversation, we uncovered a love of cars was something we all had in common. From there came the idea to bring our group to meet the clients. Our goal was to make their Saturday morning special since the clients had become accustomed to staying indoors due to Covid regulations.


Can you speak a little about the impact a place like Valley Village has on the lives of your members and their loved ones?
Valley Village is so important for our community. It educates individuals on the needs that young adults and adults with developmental disabilities have. What really stands out is the hands-on care the clients receive, as well as the educational classes they offer for families or individuals currently needing assistance or looking for guidance on long-term planning. Personally, it has been rewarding for my family and me to learn the different ways we can give back and make someone’s day special.


What’s YOUR favorite kind of car?
I have a few! GTR R35, GT3 Porsche, and Huracan Lamborghini.